Bird Attack!

by That Moon

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released July 16, 2015

Written by Justin Kilburn except:

*written by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos
**written by Justin Kilburn Gypsy George Mihalopoulos
***words by Justin Kilburn, music & additional lyrics by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos.

Justin Kilburn - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Percussion, Kazoo, Chaos.
Gypsy George Mihalopoulos - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Juno, Drum Machine, Programming, Vocals, Kazoo, Banjolin, Chaos.

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos @ Always Already.

Album Art by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos.

An Always Already Joint.
Always Already Publishing (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



That Moon New York

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Track Name: Angelic Chicken Wings***
I was feeling the wine, never got worse never felt much better
Casting a short line, tug on my heart was a pull on my sweater
Sun in the east high, moon in my pocket rising unfettered
She on my left side, just taking it in a real go getter

I was a different revelation, once you were moved to know that it moves you
I hate to make haste with my relations, held out your hand and I took it too soon

Keep a low profile, you never knew love like that one last crush
Seeing your sweet smile, I must have lied through the other swoon hush
My skin goes so wild, even when we’re close and still cannot touch
I lose my mind child, smoke in the air from that tire fire blood rush

I savor and simmer on old love songs, trying hard to keep my hands to myself
No hope now you’re out in the open, I’m the sitting duck for your punch drunk spell
I’m feeling that pull from another one, lost in the eardrum bump of the heart swell

caution. tooth decay & caution.
safety. don't be safe. yield.
never give way. accept. except. perform.
deny. a splendid time guaranteed for all.
speak. say things in a lucid, finite ramble.
tumble & fall.
self-deprecate & begin to understand this steady decline
into ruins, into humble decency, into untold
into the abyss, the dark, haunting, empty
canvass, a cavern into nowhere.
whereby postcards are free.
the decry is that there is someone
who actually cares,
no one believes, no one deceives,
no one is no one is free,
sad girl is singing. so intimate & fake.
outdoors. it's crazy. unknown.
the bold blithe. the bloodless life.
compromise on the back of a dollar bill,
handwritten in silver marker
a tone. atonal. blunt & the brunt of these jokes.
turmoil. dead soil. gone,
these nutrients,
they are gone...

Now that I got you, how do I keep you

Glass skin is see through, what you can touch and break if you’re not true
Don’t want to be blue, pain and frustration gained when we come loose

Want to be the kinda guy you idolize, holding you up if you wanted my help
Time rewinds in the slow sigh of your eyes, know that I’m yours don’t need to cast a spell

Take my hand in yours, honestly I never felt so complete
My emotion soars, wild mirror smiles between us on repeat
Rattled to the core, undefeated heart, babe it won’t be beat
Never felt before, all my old loves they where perfunctory

Now that you got me, know what I could lose
I wouldn’t be happy, without you

Sad face replaced when you came around, look what you’ve done, you’re my stun gun love girl
Chest pounding resounding feet off the ground, think we can make it, let’s give it a whirl
Track Name: Finding It Harder
Sit on your TV, you are the weary-child jesus glowing in the tubes
Sell him what's not yours, if you act now what's more, he'll throw in the towel for you
We will wait a lifetime for these drugs to enlighten, been fighting them all night long
You spread yourself veiny like a jukebox junkie stuck on that same sappy song
And when the bar closes and the bartender moseys your hope back towards perpetual truth
Without carrying on, I will wonder anon, who's the one you crawl home to lie into

I'm finding it harder and harder to love you each day
And you carry on like nothing, nothing has changed

I wore your breath proudly, a garland, a copy of some rhetoric I picked up on the street
When you vacate the scene, wrapped in yellow patine, please leave the holes you tore out of me
Believe me I know less of, the struggles your ex-loves, embarked on when you felt smothered
They stood up for you, but you sat somewhere subdued, while they ripped the hearts right out of each other
Yet still I shake it, the obvious image, of you eclipsing the things we hold dear
When a perfect union, the sun marrying some moon man, shatters the days into years

I'm finding it harder and harder to love you each day
And you carry on like nothing, nothing has changed

We break into our own houses, sneak past their spouses, the child in us turned off and alone
It's a terrible crime, yet somewhat sublime, to commit what you came to escape from
I starve in your poor heart, donate blood to kickstart, so we can float face down for the thrill
They'll call it a fad, to laugh though we're sad, while we pull out our feelings with pills
Would you look at this morning, the clear skies and the boredom, when will the endless days end
As a kid I once knew, what now makes me confused, where do our dreams go to die my friend

I'm finding it harder and harder to love you each day
And you carry on like nothing, nothing has changed
Track Name: Bird Bones
I was taut like neck veins strained to peer through the smoke and the dark
Eyes were caught deep in your curves
The lines of your throat
You keep saying things like "don't treat me like a stranger"
I won't be able to move
I might want to get closer to you

So I can be stuck there mouth all hollowed out like a bird's bones

Caught up with you now, man look how she plays with me
Look there just past her shoulder
Don't you see what you've gone and done
I blurt out something unrecognizable to recognize the pain in me
Realizing it's worth
Reconvening the heart that pumps the wildest blood away

So I can be stuck there mouth all hollowed out like a bird's bones

Now it's getting late, I'm shaking my fists at the sun's awakening
Dragging my feet
Fighting with dreams
She's run me through, she's run a thought right through me
It's funny you know
How you've crept up and slipped yourself so snug in me

So I can be stuck there mouth all hollowed out like a bird's bones
Track Name: Strange Nest
Please, don't recklessly go back to fixating
I'm right there just past your fingers lingering
Force the words out of your lungs as I plunge them in
I've buried all I could say, don't you have anything
Cause I took credit for your love and for my distance
For the moments that paused us and the endings that came
Every little thing that you got and never wanted
Every little thing that you needed and never got, Oh

Eagerly you stoop to do what's right
Rise up over me to tower and sway and fight
I don't care much for making this more than it has to be
But I do care that you know the score I'm settling
Cause I broke myself much more than you ever could have
And you took the high road you shoved it in my face
Every little thing I fucked up and did wrong
Every little thing that matters so much more

That little green dress you can keep it on all night
The scent of you caught on the subway gets me alright
We feel, we move, the city becomes the towns we once were from
You're still here, though we are not

Cause I was the bird you left broken in a strange nest
And you were the wind that always carried me home
Every little thing that you built and I burned down
Every little thing that we swore and you broke
Cause I still sit waiting, reeling on your front porch
Like a bible in the bedside table growing mold
Every little thing that I wanted and never gave you
Every little thing that I wanted and you said no
Cause I was the ghost caught chasing after moonlight
You were still sun-soaked flesh and bone
Every little thing I loved left when you did, but
Every little thing I love is still you
Track Name: Without A Melody*
Try walking in my shoes, and step on greedy shadows
Try singing the blues without a melody.
Don’t you stare at my face, and cringe at all my wrinkles
I’ve been to this place and that place without a melody.
But, my love
I was sitting next to freedom all the time.

Why are you hiding behind that willow tree?
It’s winter and the leaves are dead without a melody.
Can’t you see the moon rise high above the clouds?
Aphrodite’s shining without a melody.
But, my love
I was sitting next to freedom all the time.

Don’t you hum in silence going wild...

Cheers to your obsessions and the howling wind
There’s no rain tonight without a melody.
Don’t look so confused, you know that this is real
Try singing the blues without a melody,
without a melody going wild...
Track Name: I Don't Know
I was losing nickels up and down the coast
Drunk on her doesn't seem to bother me much anymore
Stuck on whiskey when the wine's run short
Gets less funny when I wake up

I was falling ill on the bloodiest of thoughts
Slipping on the ice and assaulting passing cars
Cover what I must, don't want to hurt no one
Said please don't judge me Gyps, just sort me out

Been hunting reasons to hate you all my life
Forging meaning out of clumsier girls and blown street lights
Say if you're around look me up some time
I got a million other ways to say goodbye

You find religion in the way you catch your breath
She became the idol, I pray on her in respect
If you're listening lord don't you strike me down for this
Shouldn't be that hard anymore to turn your back

Slivers creeping through the smog all gold and red
Evenings here can turn a cold heart pure again
If you saw it my way perhaps you would have stayed instead
The clouds they come through the wind we move against
Track Name: BK Mello Train
I need to find you someplace burdened without cause
Where nothing is as sacred and I can lay my love
But the thoughts I have don't equal the troubled looks I give
The part of you that pines holds me just like a sieve
Now all that's left of us is soft tongues and chattering teeth
Just put me on that train, take me back to Brooklyn please

Nowadays its only talk of where you'll be
I'll always be right here, don't you go forgetting me
Cause you forgot to mention what you drunk sung unto my cheek
How that day you kissed another and it didn't mean a thing
And your friend says she sees through me, my glowing, rabid heart
So just leave me on that train you can take all that you want
Track Name: What Do We Want
Zeus cried down from up on high
For all my skill, for all my strength
To find your love I still must hide
Change my name, take new shape
Cause even in my strongest hour
You want more than I can give, you want more than I can give you

The monster whispers out from your room
Don't turn the light, keep closed your eyes
You think I'll cause you harm real soon
But here at night, we both survive
Cause even when your fear subsides
You want more than I can give, you want more than I can give you

Great Satan called from down below
Spread 'cross fire, burnt in shame
To earn your love I do not know
How to be myself and still not take
Cause I want too
And you want more than I can give, you want more than I can give you

In this world, we give and take, all that stays, just takes our place
We fool around, we make mistakes, we learn from them, but pain it stays

My soul cries out from deep within
Let me love, please let me love
But my heart and brain agree on this
It hurts too much, it just hurts so much
Cause I want more than I can give you, I want more than I can give you
Track Name: Seagulls**
Spying through the clouds
people on the ground.
The sand is smoky brown,
the children make no sound.
Slurping Summer slush,
your girlfriend is a lush.
Salty ocean air
I'm here to bring despair.

Seagulls flying in the sky,
Seagulls with no alibi.

I could have been a shark
a bite without a bark.
You may have heard me screech
on Dustin Diamond's beach.
But, now there are no clouds
the waves are getting loud.
I can fly so free.
Call me 'Terror of the Sea!'

Seagulls flying in the sky,
Seagulls with no alibi.
Track Name: Falsetto Too
It's hard to go outside
Little pain in the window, confined
And you flow past in that way that tears me apart
I present to you, the quandary of a broken heart

You say it's so tough to just be
But here I am, just reach out and take all you want of me
There's no point losing faith in love if you never even try
Hold your breath and sink, until it stops moving inside

We put so much weight in each others hands
Find a way to hurt someone so much that they can't hurt you back
And you have the gall, to stand there and ask "do I really love you"
You know damn well that I do
Track Name: Vertigo
I was swimming vertigo, down to the bottom
Hoping that the wild ocean would accept me as it's own son
Then you went and fished me out, scales and all
But I cannot keep moving and hold you in my arms
I want to teach you to swim

If you ask, I will love you forever

I shrink in your presence, David to the Goliath
Love I know you harbor more in me than even I can
The brightness of your eyes, despite all this starlight
Valkyries falling from them early in the morning
I want to be the man who catches them

If you ask, I will love you forever

But I need to know, when I hold up my head
You won't break my back in two
Cause when you need a song to fill up your heart
I'd open my lungs for you

If you ask, I will love you forever

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