Branch & Bride

by That Moon

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Cold Skin 03:49
Somewhere in the coast of Fort Greene Where the buildings stack up a little less and seemed so pretty And I had never known to go, so I had never been There was a young thing who dressed in blue just for me Yeah she hung up my heart, rung it out, and beat it like a triangle And that part of my brain that says you'd not love again it was gone We walked a ways away from here Through every open crosswalk she'd steer And once in a while we'd slow ourselves a bit Just enough to catch each other, catch each other on the lips Well she found my warmth, let it be all hers to own And though she held me with her hands, she wrapped her arms around my soul But these things can't last, she said she had to go And though she didn't want to, it was my heart that had to But these things they never seem to last, I guess she had to go And though I didn't want her to, if I had to choose, it's my heart I'd want to be broke
Wade out into the stream and feel me Rush past your shins and down to your feet When we're done here dry yourself upon the lawn If the night can't be ours then let me be your morning sun Cause it's no way to live, on the outskirts of town Don't fear the dead wood, there's plenty living inside There are few too many trees here left unclimbed My woman, my woman I'll be your branch you be my bride Let that city sing, we'll hear it all on our backs And climb down, fearing for our hearts but not our necks Cause it's no way to live, on the outside looking in Babe this ain't no plea, it's a conversation And the rain outside it soothes me, it moves me to adoration Cause it's no way to live, on the water's edge Cause it's no way to live, with your heart like a sieve filled up with sand Cause it's no way to live, on that southbound train your head's in your hands Cause it's no way to live, when you give your heart freely but it's not accepted But your my woman, my woman, my woman, and I love you all the same
Cholera 05:36
If there is amber in the filament that wander 'cross this stripped bare You caught me off guard didn't mean to ignore you standing there So now we dance around the winter when both our bodies set to freeze You want to be the keeper of these sins I bare then let them be yours please I think you should know this cholera of love I have endured Poisoned by my own two hands this water I ran through was not as pure In you I see a cleansing skin not to soak up but simply rinse me clean Want to be the keeper of my heart you'll need to keep my insecurities I am waiting on this feeling I know it's come soon I'm not easy to handle darling, but I'm yours Through and through When a wine neck cracks spilling a secret you hold dear Leave me only with this question, who are you looking for Cause I can't find the words or ways to cross over this old deep If you'll be the keeper of my hands it's you my arms in turn will keep What spins my head, left me bed ridden sick on those three words That were said in open air now what I have is all yours Bend these walls a way that no space can contain my need For a claim to stake upon my skin for ownership of what's underneath That veil is thick and the armor I wear I cannot show You want to be the keeper of my bones you'll need to keep the weight they've known I am waiting on this feeling I still know, I know it's coming soon I'm not easy to handle darling But I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours Through and through
I can see it move from your lips timed to the swing of your hips In tune with the words that I spoke about buzzards And how we're just like them, chew feelings in their infancy I swore I saw you reaching out to me And now baby we'll lose ourselves in our clothes But when they come off well what are we left with See I lost my love in the confusion of Chicago But it's all she was and I don't believe in her anymore That deeper meaning was forced to match your revival of sorts We can coincide with whatever we chose to See too often we spoke, with less words and more tongue And our lisp of a love stuttered all over itself Just as I refuse to agree that it's useless Used up, a eunuch of feelings I can't recall See I lost my love in the confusion of Chicago But it's all she was and I don't believe in her anymore I love what you are, the frailty in your heart But who you are and that ain't the same after all A wolf in her dress, a stranger donned in your flesh My head and my heart can't seem to agree Still there's one thing I know, this recognitions gone spiritual And the totem you've become became a chore So you dance in a flue smoked out of some strangers room I hope when I get bored you won't be waiting around My love we caused this lonely little ruckus But it's of our creation, it's our helpless mouth to feed My only hope in life is to amount to something But we are only human and love is a dangerous thing We are only human and love is a dangerous thing
Copper dawns the fingers on We claw to keep us hid How your mother called to kick us out again But you said, won't you stay You pled, don't leave me this way, don't lead me astray Some window set down as delicate You hold me from behind How our eyes they did collide from opposite sides Of your room, you were boxing up Nothing new, we were caught in it, I refused to fit This bed feels tall folded apart You slept here once before How all this time I've only cried a hand full of retorts So forget it all, I won't go on My heart is large, it's all I got, nothing that I want
Foliage 02:28


released May 18, 2012

Written and Performed by Justin Kilburn

Produced, Mixed, & Engineered by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos (Always Already Productions)
Mastering by Nick Smeraski

Additional Musicians:

Gypsy George Mihalopoulos - Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Triangle, Claps and Stomps and Slaps, Vocals, Lap Steel Harmonica
Robin Bacior - Vocals
Jamey Hamm - Vocals, Percussion
Elise Bernlohr - Vocals
Raymond Bernlohr-Mihalopoulos - Vocals
South Slope Impromptu Choir - Vocals, Noise

Photograph by Lindsay Newcomb


all rights reserved



That Moon New York

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