Angelic Chicken Wings​*​*​*

from Bird Attack! by That Moon

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I was feeling the wine, never got worse never felt much better
Casting a short line, tug on my heart was a pull on my sweater
Sun in the east high, moon in my pocket rising unfettered
She on my left side, just taking it in a real go getter

I was a different revelation, once you were moved to know that it moves you
I hate to make haste with my relations, held out your hand and I took it too soon

Keep a low profile, you never knew love like that one last crush
Seeing your sweet smile, I must have lied through the other swoon hush
My skin goes so wild, even when we’re close and still cannot touch
I lose my mind child, smoke in the air from that tire fire blood rush

I savor and simmer on old love songs, trying hard to keep my hands to myself
No hope now you’re out in the open, I’m the sitting duck for your punch drunk spell
I’m feeling that pull from another one, lost in the eardrum bump of the heart swell

caution. tooth decay & caution.
safety. don't be safe. yield.
never give way. accept. except. perform.
deny. a splendid time guaranteed for all.
speak. say things in a lucid, finite ramble.
tumble & fall.
self-deprecate & begin to understand this steady decline
into ruins, into humble decency, into untold
into the abyss, the dark, haunting, empty
canvass, a cavern into nowhere.
whereby postcards are free.
the decry is that there is someone
who actually cares,
no one believes, no one deceives,
no one is no one is free,
sad girl is singing. so intimate & fake.
outdoors. it's crazy. unknown.
the bold blithe. the bloodless life.
compromise on the back of a dollar bill,
handwritten in silver marker
a tone. atonal. blunt & the brunt of these jokes.
turmoil. dead soil. gone,
these nutrients,
they are gone...

Now that I got you, how do I keep you

Glass skin is see through, what you can touch and break if you’re not true
Don’t want to be blue, pain and frustration gained when we come loose

Want to be the kinda guy you idolize, holding you up if you wanted my help
Time rewinds in the slow sigh of your eyes, know that I’m yours don’t need to cast a spell

Take my hand in yours, honestly I never felt so complete
My emotion soars, wild mirror smiles between us on repeat
Rattled to the core, undefeated heart, babe it won’t be beat
Never felt before, all my old loves they where perfunctory

Now that you got me, know what I could lose
I wouldn’t be happy, without you

Sad face replaced when you came around, look what you’ve done, you’re my stun gun love girl
Chest pounding resounding feet off the ground, think we can make it, let’s give it a whirl


from Bird Attack!, released July 16, 2015
Music by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos
Lyrics by Justin Kilburn
Additional Lyrics by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos

Justin Kilburn - Vocals
Gypsy George Mihalopoulos - Synths, Programming, Loops, Rants, & Chaos.

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Gypsy George Mihalopoulos @ Always Already.

An Always Already Joint.


all rights reserved



That Moon New York

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